The Hudson Valley Folk Guild

Music Samples

Below you'll find sound samples in RealAudio and MP3 formats featuring the music of several performing HVFG members. If you are a member, you may have your music featured on this page, too! See the bottom of this page for details.

If the RealAudio player software is installed on your computer, and if you have a 28.8 (or faster) modem, just click on the word "play" to hear a song. If the ITunes or QuickTime software is installed on your computer, click on the word "MP3" to play a song. More technical information is at the bottom of this page for downloading the software needed to hear the music if you have none of the above software installed on your computer.

Real Audio
Artist Song streaming non-
MP3 YouTube
Kevin & Carol Becker Open Road of Freedom (Kevin, Carol, Cheryl Becker) play download MP3  
Lyn Burnstine Tickle Song (Lyn Burnstine) play download MP3  
Ron Gluck Save Me (R. Gluck) play download MP3  
Carol Hotte Mary Cecilia Brown (trad.) play download MP3  
Denise Jordan Finley Whenever Winter Came (D. Jordan Finley)     MP3  
Bruce Morrison Uncle Bill (B. Morrison) play download MP3  
Blair Shepard Tell Us All The Places (TM Hanna) play download MP3  
Bob Stanhope I Wish My Daughter Was Ugly (B. Stanhope) play download MP3  
Yorktown Guitar Project Overture MP3  
The Hamburger Brothers Take Me Out To The Ballgame MP3  
Thomasina Levy How Can I Keep From Singing MP3  
Lydia Adams Davis Lake Erie (Lydia Adams Davis) MP3  
Bluestone Trio Kingston NY Open Mike Blues (Ernie Mortuzans)       YouTube
Kevin Becker (composer) Hudson River Folk Symphony - 1st Movement
Hudson River Folk Symphony - 2nd Movement
Hudson River Folk Symphony - 3rd Movement

How to get your music featured on this page:

If you are a performing HVFG member (you have to be a member!), you can submit your song to us for consideration to have it added to the featured songs on this page. You will have to send us your tape or CD and tell us which song you want to feature, or better yet, send us an mp3 of the song by email, and we will let you know if it will be added or not. Contact the HVFG.

For copyright reasons, we can only put original or traditional tunes here. We don't care whether they're your own or a friend's originals, as long as you're sure (and state so) that the author's lawyers won't come after us for unauthorized exploitation of copyrighted work.

If, say, Carl McPauly sends in a song of his and claims it's an original entitled "Tomorrow", we'll post it. If somebody later finds out (and tells us) it's actually "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney, we'll delete it. However, we cannot be held responsible for not recognizing a ripped-off tune immediately.

Copyright notice:

All music accessible from this page remains copyrighted by its respective authors. Use of this page and the download of music contained within is strictly for non-commercial, personal use only.

Technical information:

To play RealAudio sound clips, you might have to go to the RealAudio download page and follow the directions to download the "Free RealPlayer" software.

To play MP3 sound clips, you might have to go to either the ITunes download page or the QuickTime download page and follow the directions to download the free ITunes or QuickTime software.

These sound files are designed for a 28.8 kb/s (or better) modem. If you experience frequent pauses during playback, it might be due to a slow connection. In this case, you may download the "non-streaming" version of the Real Audio song, or right click and save the MP3 song, to your hard drive. It would download the entire music file to your workstation (may take a few minutes each), then play it from there, and should play without the pauses.