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Hudson Valley Folk Guild -  Membership Information Form

P.O. Box F

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12602


Level of Membership - Please circle level below and make your check out to:

Hudson Valley Folk Guild, Inc.


Individual:   $10.00

Family:   $15.00

Patron:   $25.00

Sustaining:   $50.00

Benefactor:   $75.00

Angel:   $100.00 or more



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City _____________________________ State ___________ Zip __________________


Check Interests:


________ Performing,   ________ Coffeehouses,   ________ Special Events


________ Sound Tech,   ________ Publicity,   ________ Administration/officer


The Folk Guild continues to move to a paperless operation which means we will be primarily utilizing email and our web site for the majority of communication to our members and supporters. In order for us to include you on our email mailing list, we must keep on file your form indicating your permission to sign up for the service. We will NOT share this list with any other group or organization.


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